Still the best of all possible worlds after all these years?

Ian Ramsey Centre and the Humane Philosophy Project

Main Aula, Blackfriars, Oxford

Thursday 10th May, 5:00PM (BST) - 6:15PM (BST)

PAUL LODGE is Professor of Philosophy at Oxford University and a Fellow of Mansfield College. His published research is focussed on Early Modern Philosophy - especially that of G. W. Leibniz. He is author of numerous articles on Leibniz and translator and editor of The Leibniz-De Volder Correspondence (Yale, 2013). He also has significant interests in later German philosophy (particularly Martin Heidegger), British Idealism (particularly T. H. Green), modern Jewish Philosophy, the foundations of epistemic and ethical normativity, and the relationships between philosophy, theology, and religion.


FREE (open to public)
Event Description
In this talk I examine Leibniz's much ridiculed claim that this is the best of all possible worlds. As well as clearing up a number of popular misconceptions regarding Leibniz's defence of the thesis, I consider whether a demythologised version of his view may be of continuing relevance.
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