Central and Eastern European Perspectives

Andrew Pinsent


Eastern European Perspectives: Science, Theology, and Humane Philosophy

Perspectives on the big questions at the intersection of science, theology and philosophy are unusual and arguably unique in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The legacy of a state-sponsored conflict narrative promoted under communism, as well as intense pockets of resistance, produced a patchwork of divergent cultural attitudes. Isolated in this fragmented landscape, educational resources are often limited. Young and promising scholars also face great challenges in getting started in research. 

This project led by the Ian Ramsey Centre (IRC) for Science and Religion, Oxford University, proposes to assess regional needs and identify opportunities, including institutions, people, funding, and co-operative networks. With local partners, the IRC will also support pilot projects including an international conference, a regional summer school, an essay competition, and two book translations. Information will be disseminated by web resources capable of future expansion in support of research and education. 

Besides the research outputs of these activities, the IRC will prepare a final report that maps the landscape of trends, obstacles, and opportunities in the region. The project will also outline a potential program with expanded reach and impact.

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