6-8 Dec 2018, "Dualism in the Twenty-First Century" Conference

Budapest, Hungary (multiple venues)

Thursday 6th December 4:00PM (GMT) - Saturday 8th December 7:00PM (GMT)

FREE (open to public)
Event Description

6th December 2018 (circa 4pm) – 8th December 2018 (evening)

Dualism in the Twenty-First Century

Mind-body dualism underwent a renaissance in the last part of the twentieth century. Several arguments challenged the capacity of physicalism to accommodate mental phenomena, especially conscious experience. Dualism was widely considered the leading alternative. Since then, sophisticated responses to arguments against physicalism have been developed, and nonphysicalist views other than dualism, including idealism and Russellian monism have received renewed interest. This conference will examine the prospects for dualism in the twenty-first century in light of the latest research, including the arguments for and against dualism; the relative merits of dualism, and other nonphysicalist positions in the metaphysics of mind; and the relationship between dualism and wider issues in philosophy.

Registration for this event closed on Friday 23 November, but a live stream will be available at this link.

The schedule can be viewed here

Invited Speakers

Tim Crane, Kati Farkas, Benedikt Paul Göcke, Balázs Mezei, Hedda Hassel Mørch, Martine Nida-Rümelin, David Pitt, Howard Robinson, Richard Swinburne, János Tőzsér

Short Paper Speakers

Alin Christoph Cucu, Ziemowit Gowin, Daniel Kodaj, Aaron Lambert, Michelle Liu, Alex Moran, Janco Nesic, Brian Pitts, Brandon Rickabaugh


This event is part of the project Science, Theology, and Humane Philosophy: Central and Eastern European Perspectives. It is sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation; the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion, University of Oxford; Pázmány Péter Catholic University; the Central European University; the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; the Ruhr University Bochum; the University of Lincoln, and the Humane Philosophy Project.

The organisers are: Ralph Weir, Tamás Paár, Mikolaj Slawkowski-Rode, Maarten Van Doorn, László Bernath

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