Green - Neurotheology and the Social Brain



Neurotheology and the Social Brain - Dr Adam Green

Arguably the most significant insight from the cognitive science of religion thus far offered is the extent to which religion in general is associated with the 'social brain'. Manifestations of this link can be seen, for example, in the detection of intentional agency in the world and the communal transmission of religion. Nevertheless, much of this work to date has focused on what has traditionally been termed 'natural theology', such as the purported existence and powers of God. This presentation shows how recent work in neuroscience and social cognition can also provide important insights into long-standing challenges in 'supernatural' or 'revealed theology' citing, as examples, recent research into the role of metaphor and the second-person perspective.

Dr Adam Green

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Event 2012 Seminars
Speakers Green, Adam
Year 2012

Green - Neurotheology and the Social Brain