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Research Fellows

Dr Dr Benedikt Göcke, Ruhr-University Bochum


Email: benedikt.goecke@theology.ox.ac.uk

Magister Artium
Philosophische Fakultät, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, 2007

Dr. theol.
Katholisch-Theologische Fakultät, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, summa cum laude, 2011 

Dr. phil.
Hochschule für Philosophie München, magna cum laude, 2013

Research Interests:

  • Philosophy of religion
  • Philosophy of mind
  • Metaphysics
  • German idealism

Select Publications:

A Theory of the Absolute. Palgrave Frontiers in Philosophy of Religion. Palgrave Macmillan. 2014

Alles in Gott? Zur Aktualität des Panentheismus Karl Christian Friedrich Krauses. Friedrich Pustet. 2012. Review: Diálogo Filosófico. Noticias de libros. Vol. 13. 193-194. 2013.

After Physicalism (ed.) The University of Notre Dame Press. 2012. Reviews: (1) Stephen Biggs: Review of „After Physicalism“. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (http://ndpr.nd.edu/news/32777-after-physicalism/) (2) Robert Bishop: „Review of After Physicalism.“ In: Essays in Philosophy. Vol. 14: Cartesian Virtue and Freedom. 269-290. 2013. (3) John H. Taylor: „Review of After Physicalism.“ In: Mind. A Quarterly Review of Philosophy. Vol. 123. 601-604. 2014.

„Did God do it? Metaphysical Models and Theological Hermeneutics.“ In: International Journal for Philosophy of Religion. Online First. 2014

„On the Importance of Karl Christian Friedrich Krause’s Panentheism.“ In: Zygon. Journal of Religion and Science. Vol. 48 (2). 364-379. 2013

„An Analytic Theologian’s Stance on the Existence of God.“ In: European Journal for Philosophy of Religion. Vol 5(2). 129-146. 2013

„Panentheism and Classical Theism.“ In: Sophia. International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysical Theology and Ethics. Vol. 52 (1). 61-75. 2012

„Groundwork for a Dualism of Indistinction.“ In: B. Göcke (eds.): After Physicalism. The University of Notre Dame Press. 264-294. 2012.

„Spirituality as a Rhetorical Precondition for Knowledge of God.“ In: The Heythrop Journal. A Bi-monthly Review of Philosophy and Theology. Vol. 51 (6). 1011-1016. 2010

„What is Physicalism?“ In: Ratio. An International Journal of Analytic Philosophy. Vol. 22 (3). 291-307. 2009.

with P. Rohs und M. Hoesch: „How to Heckle Swinburne on God and Time.“ In: B. Moessner, S. Schmoranzer, C. Weidemann (eds.): Richard Swinburne. Christian Philosophy in a Modern World. Ontos. 75-84. 2008

with M. Pleitz und H. von Wulfen: „How to Kripke Brandom’s Notion of Necessity.“ In: B. Prien, D. Schweikard (eds.): Robert Brandom. Analytic Pragmatist. Ontos. 135-161. 2007.

Other details:

Editorial Board, Filozofija - A Journal of Philosophical Inquiry

Member of the Faculty of Theology and Religion, Oxford University

Research Fellow in Philosophy, Blackfriars Hall, Oxford University (2010-2013)