Ian Ramsey Centre

Dr Jonathan Jong, Deputy Director, Brain, Belief and Behaviour Group (Coventry)



Ian Ramsey Centre Associate from 1 October 2016

The Reverend Dr Jonathan Jong is the Deputy Director of the Brain, Belief and Behaviour research group at Coventry University and the Research Coordinator of the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Oxford. He is currently involved in several research projects, including the Cognitive and Cultural Foundations of Religion and Morality project (Oxford; 2017-2020), the Scientific Study of Nonreligious Belief project (UCL; 2017-2020), the Toward an Affective Science of Religion project (RHUL; 2015-2017),  and the Death Anxiety and Religion project (Otago; 2014-2017).

He is also a Fellow of the Think Write Publish: Science & Religion project (Arizona State University; 2016-2017). His book, co-authored with Jamin Halberstadt, is titled Death Anxiety and Religious Belief: An Existential Psychology of Religion, and is published by Bloomsbury.

Research interests

  • Psychology of religion
  • Varieties of nonreligion
  • Evolutionary psychology
  • Philosophy of science
  • Metaphysics of science
  • Concepts of God
  • Theological anthropology