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The IRC and PhysPhil Conference 2012: A Brief Look At The Big Picture

  • 11 September 2012
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The Ian Ramsey Centre was pleased to contribute to the PhysPhil Conference 2012, "A Brief Look At The Big Picture," hosted by the Physics Department of St Andrew's University, Tuesday 11th September 2012. Brian Pitts (Notre Dame), Chris Hooley (St Andrews), Alastair Wilson (Birmingham), Hans Halvorson (Princeton), James Ladyman (Bristol) and William Craig (Biola). Dr Pinsent of the IRC chaired the lecture with Prof. James Ladyman, on the subject ‘Metaphysics Naturalised,’ and led the opening questions. The IRC is delighted that the presence of Prof. Raymond Tallis to act as chair in leading many of the discussions was a result of contacts established at the 2012 IRC conference, “Persons and their Brains.” This conference was the first interdisciplinary conference of its kind at St Andrew’s, assembling experts in physics, philosophy, and philosophical theology to discuss remarkably wide range issues regarding space and time, quantum mechanics, and the relationship between metaphysics and the physical sciences.