Ian Ramsey Centre


Conference - Being a Human Being, Being a Person - 16 July - Blackfriars, Oxford

The Ian Ramsey Centre (IRC), together with the Instytut Filozofii of the University of Warsaw is sponsoring a one day conference at Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford, 16th July 2013, the day immediately before the IRC conference on the second-person perspective.

Blackfriars Hall, 16 July 2013

9:00 a.m.              Welcome and Introduction – Mikołaj Sławkowski-Rode
9:30 a.m.              Peter Hacker, “Me, my Mind and my Body, not to mention a self, a soul and a person”
10:30 a.m.           Break with tea and coffee
11:00 a.m.           John Cottingham, “Why we are not ‘persons’”
12:00 p.m.           Jonathan Price, “Human beings as ‘persons’ in law”
1:00 p.m.             Lunch, tea and coffee
2:00 p.m.             Parallel short papers (2 x 3 papers 20 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A each)
3:30 p.m.             Break with tea and coffee
4:00 p.m.             Raymond Tallis, “Can neuroscience help us to understand persons?”
5:00 p.m.             Richard Conrad OP, “Aquinas on the human organism’s unity and complexity”
6:00 p.m.             Break with tea, coffee and snacks
6:30 p.m.             Roger Scruton
7:30 p.m.             Drinks reception
8:00 p.m.             Speaker’s Dinner

Conference site: http://philevents.org/event/show/9769

Call for papers: http://philevents.org/event/show/9769